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Vivatech 2024

10 Juillet 2024

Subject : My journey

🌟 Reflecting on an Inspiring Visit to Vivatech 2024! 🌟  

I had an incredible time at Vivatech 2024 in Paris, a hub of innovation and technology. It was an amazing experience to be among the people shaping our world and the startups that will do so in the future. The event included groundbreaking AI, sustainable tech, and visionary startups. Some highlights :  

- AI and Robotics: Revolutionary advancements set to transform industries.  

- Green Tech: Cutting-edge solutions addressing climate change.  

- Startups: Brilliant minds ready to disrupt markets with their creative solutions.  

A lot of interesting and promising projects caught my eye. You could find laptops with transparent screens or wheelchairs that can climb stairs. There was even AI software that separates a song into individual instrument tracks—very cool for musicians! 😊  

Networking was a major highlight, with great conversations with entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts. The keynote sessions stressed the importance of innovation, sustainability, and inclusivity.  

Paris, with its rich history and innovative spirit, was the perfect host. I'm returning from Vivatech 2024 inspired and excited for the future!

Have a business, not a hobby

02 Juillet 2024

Subject : My journey

Closing your first client is tough.

It's also the most important step in your freelancing journey.

Once you do that, everything gets easier.

It's the milestone that shows all your hard work has paid off—to the world, but more importantly, to yourself.

For me, transitioning from a Mechanical Engineer to a freelancer meant learning and honing a lot of new skills:

- Sales
- Marketing
- Cold calling
- Cold emailing
- Building a brand
- Customer service
- Creating systems
- Coding with HTML, CSS, & JavaScript

Why is this first client so crucial?
Because, as my mentor said,

"Until you land your first client, you don't have a business, you have a hobby."