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👋 Hi there, I'm Damien

I Design & Build Custom Website Solutions That Help Your Business Grow

I am a Freelance Website Designer and I help you increase conversion and performance in every possible way

why work with me

Designing Better Websites With Better Solutions

I can help craft a high-performing, beautiful website for you that’s conversion-focused, brand-accurate, & user-friendly.

Having a website is not enough in today's digital age; you need a website that performs well to a convert visitors into customers.

To achieve this, your website must not only look aesthetically pleasing but also be designed intentionally to attract and convert potential clients.

A high-performing website is one that not only looks good but also employs on-the-pulse marketing strategies to reach and engage with clients, leading to increased sales.

The intentional design of your website will position you as an expert and create trust among visitors, while an effective marketing strategy will help potential clients discover your brand and ultimately buy from you.


Featured Projects

Alexandrine Renner Expertise


This Is What People Say About My Work

Here are a few lines from people who I have worked with and their feedback after working with me.
Excellent work, attentive and perfectionist. Thanks again Damien.”

“Damien Soudry is an extremely attentive and perfectionist professional. He created my website in a way that it is at the cutting edge of new technology, with practical tools that have helped me develop my company. He makes himself available at any time of the day, which is appreciated, especially when we are business owners. Thanks to his high-quality services, I have noticed a greater demand from my clients and an increase in my revenue. I am delighted with the work done by Damien Soudry, and I highly recommend him. Thank you again, Damien, for your professionalism and expertise."

Alexandrine Renner
CEO, Alexandrine Renner Expertise

My Process

phase 1

Discovery Call

Our process involves four key phases, beginning with the Discovery Call where we dive deep into your world to gain a comprehensive understanding of your pain points, audience, and goals.

phase 2

Design Phase

Using the information gathered in the Discovery Call, we move into the Design Phase, where we tailor a website to meet your requirements while ensuring it is visually appealing and user-friendly for your audience.

phase 3

Build Phase

Once you approve the design, we proceed to the Build Phase, where we optimize your website for modern web practices, such as speed, security, and reliability, ensuring that it performs exceptionally well.

phase 4

Launch Phase

Finally, in the Launch Phase, we launch your website after double-checking everything for your approval. In addition, I train you to help you add content to your website, so you can maintain it yourself.

about me

Hi, I’m Damien!

I’m an Uruguayan website designer and developer based in Orleans, France.

I specialise in crafting intentional, highly-converting websites that are technically sound and engaging to scroll through.

I’m passionate about the intersection of tech and design, and how they affect our everyday lives.

I love taking walks along the Loire River, travel and get to know new people and ways to see this thing we call life.

Plus, I might have some Italian descendant because I love Pizza (to be confirmed 😉)

I also love cycling, triathlon and reading to business, biographies and self-development books.

FAQ SEction

Any Questions?

How can a new or improved website help my business?

A new or improved website can help your business by :

  1. Enhancing its online presence
  2. Attracting more visitors
  3. Generating leads
  4. Improving customer engagement
  5. Driving conversions and sales

How long does it typically take to build a new website?

The time required to build a new website can vary depending on the scope of the project, including design complexity, functionality requirements, content preparation, and client feedback.

  1. A single landing page may take 1-3 weeks, depending on the amount of copy.
  2. A full website with 5-10 pages may take 6-8 weeks.

Do you design e-Commerce Websites?

If what you need is a simple eCommerce shop with basic needs, then yes, I can do it.
If it's a huge ecommerce website that has very specific requirements, then no.